United Utilities Trust Fund
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Information regarding Further Assistance Payments, Bankruptcy and DRO applications

April 6, 2021 10:19 am

Good news, the Trustees have allocated funding for Further Assistance Payments, Bankruptcy and DRO applications for 2021/22.

Please note: Bankruptcy and DRO applications can only be submitted with the support of an advice agency.


Further Assistance Payments


Applicants are welcome to apply to the trust for help with household items such as white goods and beds.  Only one item per applicant.


Bankruptcy applications


Applications can now be made online for Bankruptcy fees but must be accompanied by an additional insert, which can be requested by email.

Please email us at contact@uutf.org.uk to request a Bankruptcy application form.

We will email you the form which you can complete electronically.

You need to attach the completed Bankruptcy form to the Declaration section of the online application on the portal.

If you are unable to attach the Bankruptcy form when you submit the online application to the Trust, please email it to us at contact@uutf.org.uk along with your six-digit application reference number.

If you do not provide the additional Bankruptcy insert we will not be able to process the application and it will be declined.


DRO applications


All payments will now be made directly to the Insolvency department therefore we will require the DRO application reference number before payment can be processed.

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