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Application form

Before completing an application form, please read the notes below carefully.

Important: The online and offline application forms CANNOT be used to apply for grants for bankruptcy fees. Please call 0300 790 6172 or email for a bankruptcy application form.

To be considered for a further assistance payment, including bankruptcy and DROs you must be a current customer of United Utilities Water and have had an ongoing liability for at least 12 months

Online Application Form Offline Application Form (PDF)

The Trust can help you with the following:

  • United Utilities Trust Fund can consider making a grant to meet water and/or sewerage charges due to United Utilities Water if you are in hardship and unable to pay.
  • In certain cases, the Trust can also consider helping with essential items you may need such as white goods and beds; however this is only one item per applicant.

The Trust cannot help you with the following:

  • Household bills such as gas/electricity or rent arrears.
  • Court fines, catalogue debts, credit cards, personal loans or other forms of borrowing.
  • Social Fund Loans/Benefit over payments/Tax Credit over payments now being reclaimed.
  • The Trust cannot give you a loan or give help with bills you have already paid or items that you have already bought.

Filling in this form

  • Please answer all the questions in this application.
  • When filling in the application form, it is very important that you give us as much information as possible about your circumstances, including (if applicable) dates of unemployment, illness etc.
  • Information given will be kept confidential and will only be used by United Utilities Trust Fund.
  • If you have any difficulties in completing this form, please go to your nearest Money Advice Centre or Citizens Advice for help. Alternatively, you can talk to us direct on 0300 790 6172.

When we receive your application form

  • You may receive a telephone call as part of our assessment process. When we receive your application, we will contact you, acknowledging receipt and provide you with a reference number. Please quote your reference number when contacting us. We cannot deal with queries without it. We will also let you know how long you may need to wait for a decision.
  • If we are able to help you with your water/sewerage charges, a payment will be made directly to your supplier. We will write to you to inform you of this payment.
  • If we are able to help you with other essential household items, a payment will be made directly to our designated retailer. We will inform you in writing.
  • If we are unable to help you with either kind of payment, we will inform you of the decision in writing.

Applying to the Trust Fund again

  • The Trust will not normally consider more than one application from the same person. One of the Trust’s aims is to help people out of immediate financial difficulties and wherever possible through debt counselling/money advice to encourage and help financial stability in the future.
  • If after a period of two years since being given a grant, your financial situation has deteriorated further, you may make another application to the Trust.
  • If the Trust is not able to give you a grant, you may apply again after six months.

Please note that the decision of the Trustees on your application is final.

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