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Here are some helpful links that you may find of interest:
Find out how and where you use water in your home and discover easy ways to make savings
For energy efficiency tips and advice
A free and independent information source pointing you in the right direction for help with your water and energy bills
Offering basic advice and information on your rights, providing a broad outline of where you stand and what you can do
A National telephone helpline for people with debt problems in England, Wales and Scotland
Promoting self-help in personal money matters
For the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. A free confidential service for families and individuals with debt problems
Providing confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing
Giving practical help, information and advice for older people or their carers
For the Salvation Army
Institute of Money Advisers
The Charity for Civil Servants
Offering advice and assistance to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people
For the Terrence Higgins Trust. Providing support to people who are at risk or living with HIV
This site is for the Anglian Water Assistance Fund
Office of Fair Trading. Providing information to consumers and explaining their rights, with advice on money and credit
The Essential Services Access Network
For Auriga Services Ltd
For United Utilities Plc
For Severn Trent Trust Fund
The economic regulator for the water and sewerage industry.
This website has been created to support those organisations throughout the North West who provide expert advice to individuals struggling with debt.
A non for profit government organisation created to help people with their finances.



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