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Work out your weekly budget

Download your Weekly Budget Sheet which you can use to work out your budget on your PC.

If you open the file you can use it on screen then save it or print it.

If you decide to save the file to your computer disc you can use it later as many times as you wish.

To use this form you will need Microsoft Excel installed on your PC.

Using On Screen
Just click on the box in column B and then enter the amounts of income you receive per week. Do the same in column E for all your expenditure items per week.

As you go through and when you have finished, you should automatically be able to see the totals and how much you have left over, or how much you need to save.

If you make a mistake – just use the arrow keys to navigate out of the box, go back to it and re-enter. Click on ‘save’ frequently to keep your work.

When you are satisfied, just print or save to your computer.

Click here to download your weekly budget sheet

TIP: To change monthly figures to weekly: multiply by 12 (to give total annual figure)
then divide the total by 52 (to give weekly amounts).

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